Evony: How To Get Pegasus Spirit

Ev0ny is an online multiplayer game where players can create an army and expand their empires. The armies are spearheaded by a General. Players can increase the strength of their General by assigning a Spiritual Beast like the Pegasus Spirit to them in Evony. This will improve the power of a player’s army and make it easier to get wins in the game. There are 6 types of Spiritual Beasts in the game. Each Beast is specialized for a specific troop type.

How To Get Pegasus Spirit In Evony?


The Pegasus Spirit can provide a player’s army with a lot of handy bonuses. It is quite resourceful as players will get a +45% Marching Mounted Troop Attack and +45% Ground Troop HP. In addition, players will also get -30% Enemy Ground Troop HP and +15% March Size Capacity. This is a Mounted, Ground type

To get access to the Spiritual Beasts Menu, players will first have to build a Pasture. A Pasture can only be built once players have a Keep at Level 21.

After creating this construction, players can interact with their pets and also possibly find a Pegasus egg. Players can get the Pegasus as an event reward in Evony. If players collect enough Spiritual Beast Scales during the event, they can redeem them for a Pegasus Spirit. Players will require x400 Spiritual Beast Scales to get this Spiritual Beast.

To earn Spiritual Beast Scales for the event, players will have to defeat boss monsters. Once they have enough, they can unlock the Pegasus Spirit which can be found in the Pastures. Besides the Pegasus Spirit, players can also get Spiritual Beasts like Thunder Scorpion, Bird of Hurricane, Lord of Lava, Behemoth King, and Nine-tailed Fox in Evony.

That is all there is to know about getting a Pegasus Spirit in Evony. For more Evony guides, check out Evony: How To Increase General Power?


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