Evony The King’s Return: List Of Rare Generals

When it comes to Generals in Evony The King’s Return, there are different rarities that you can collect. There are 4 kinds of rarities namely Rare, Legendary, Epic, and Awakened. Each rarity defines how their leadership will affect the troops. Among these types, in this guide, we have mentioned the list of all Rare Generals in Evony. If you want to know which ones are these, you simply have to go through this guide.

List of All Rare Generals in Evony The King’s Return

All Rare Generals in Evony

As there are various options to choose the location of your empire, we have classified the Rare Generals in Evony along with their respective nations. This would avoid confusion and provide better options for you to try and collect. Browse through this list to learn more.

Generals Rarity Country
Asai Chacha Rare Japan
Buffalo Bill Rare America
Han Lin Rare China
Hattori Ninja Rare Japan
Hong Fu Nu Rare China
Hong Gildong Rare Korea
Kim Nam Joo Rare Korea
Lee Jae-Yeong Rare Korea
Ranger Rare Europe
Robin Hood Rare Europe
Samurai Rare Japan

If you’re struggling to learn where to get Generals from, we have mentioned the ways in which you can get them. Here, we have stated the various methods you can use to collect them.

How to Get Generals?

There are multiple ways you can try and get the Generals in the game. You can get them from Wheel of Fortune, Great General Chests, and the Recruit tab. Below, we have mentioned the steps for your reference. Skim through the steps once before going further to make no mistakes.

  • Open Evony The King’s Return on your device
  • On the main screen, click on the Tavern tab
  • Click on the tab you wish to select

This is the list of all Rare Generals in Evony The King’s Return. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to Enhance Generals in Evony? and How to Level Up Generals?  



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