Evony TKR: How To Play (Guide)

Evony is a build-and-battle strategy game with several cultures and numerous Generals. The game uses various historical and epic real and fantasy warriors, kings, queens, and more. It also keeps on launching events and missions every week, which keeps the game engaging. Want to start with this game? Go ahead and read this guide on how to play Evony TKR.

How to Play Evony TKR (Guide)

The first thing the game will ask you to do is to “Select Culture“. And there are seven cultures as of now. All cultures have their different cultural features, such as Europe has increased March Speed by 5%, Mounted Troop Attack by 5%, and Stone production by 10%. The seven cultures namely are Europe, China, Japan, Korea, America, Russia, and Arabia. All these cultures not only give different additional features but also have different architecture.

After this, the game will give you a tutorial on every basic feature. Such as in-city and abandoned camp resources. Once you are finished following the instructions, it will let you play the game. Now let us talk about what to pay attention to. Tap on the question mark near your Main City Wall. It will take you to the minigame that gives troops. And then try to progress and build Academy Research. Players should constantly research some or the other aspect. This plays a crucial role as you evolve in the game. When your power increases the chance of getting purged during PvP also increases.

Now tap on the “Event Center” and check which level of “Monarch Competition” is active at that time. And if it is Kill Enemy. Go to the main screen and tap on the gems, go to Items and purchase Truce Agreement from the War section. Now tap on the globe to enter map view. Tap on your city and choose “City Buff“. Select the purchased truce, and you are good to go. Lastly, check other events and tasks in the Event Center. Fulfill them and progress faster.

In this guide, you learned about how to play Evony TKR. Are you looking for similar articles? Check out the best Sub City and Siege Machine Generals.


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