How To Fix Low Client FPS in Valorant

Valorant has captured a place in every gamer’s heart since its arrival. Gamers from all over the globe are playing the game and hence are facing certain issues in the game. Well, in this guide we will be talking about the Low Client FPS error in Valorant. Now, there are many plausible reasons that you are receiving low FPS while playing the game. You can’t put a finger on that but you can most certainly try out some steps in hope that the error will disappear. You will see several ways to tackle this issue in this article.

How to Fix Low Client FPS in Valorant?

fix error in valorant

One of the possible reasons is that maybe your internet is unstable and is acting up while playing Valorant. The first and foremost solution is to check the internet connectivity. If you’ve checked it already and the issue hasn’t resolved, you might want to look for more solutions which are provided below.

One of the reasons you can face a Low Client FPS in Valorant is that your graphics settings are set on High. You will have to decrease the graphics settings and check again. Reducing the graphics can get your more FPS and solve the issue.

To reduce the graphics settings in Valorant, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Main Menu of Valorant
  • In that tab, select Settings among other tabs
  • In the Settings Tab, Click on Video at the top center of the screen
  • Lastly, select Low in the quality section.

This is one of the tricks you can try to tackle the Low Client FPS in Valorant. If you haven’t got ridden of the error yet, there is one more solution you can try. Among other reasons, there is one feature that can obstruct your gameplay in Valorant. That feature is the Instant Replay feature. You will have to turn off the Instant Replay feature in the game or not record your gameplays at all.

In order to disable the Instant Replay feature in Valorant, follow the steps.

  • Right Click on the desktop and click on AMD Radeon Software
  • Visit the Recording Tab in there
  • Click on the ‘Instant Replay‘ tab on the left side of the screen.

This will disable the Feature and hopefully fix the error you are facing. These are some of the solutions you can try to fix the Low Client FPS error in Valorant. Hopefully, this guide was useful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out how to Uncensor Chat in Valorant and how to Gift in Valorant.


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