Tower Of Fantasy: Unknown Gift Code Error Fix Guide

Tower Of Fantasy is a role-playing game in which players have a lot of characters and items to choose from. The in-game items are quite useful to upgrade your characters and weapons and for other things that contribute to the gameplay. Some of the items are easily obtained, and some are difficult to get hands-on. But always searching for the items in the game isn’t the solution.

Some of the items can be grabbed as rewards by using the gift codes provided by the developers. But lately, an Unknown Gift Code Error in Tower Of Fantasy has surfaced and players aren’t happy about it. So, in this guide, we have covered some temporary fixes that might help you. Read along further in this guide to know about the same error.

How to Solve Unknown Gift Code Error in Tower Of Fantasy?

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The developers and the Discord team had joined forces for a promotional event to provide the players with a special exclusive gift pack that they can redeem in the game. Now, not all players will have the access to this gift pack. Only those players who have purchased the Discord Nitro version, have access to the exclusive gift pack. You can redeem the gift codes until 8th November this year to reap exciting rewards via the special gift pack. After that, the codes will no longer be valid.

Well, for those users who have been facing the Unknown Gift Code Error in Tower Of Fantasy, there are several reasons why you’re facing the error. Check out the reasons given below and along with that, there are a few manual solutions mentioned with the reasons.

Promo Codes Unavailable

If you’ve been trying to redeem the codes in the game and have been reading the above message, it might mean that the codes are unavailable in your region. Although the game has been launched globally, there are some regions that aren’t included in the promotional event. So, check the list of regions that are enjoying the promotional rewards and look for the region you are in.

Expired Codes

Another reason the error is still active may be that you’re entering the expired gift codes. Make sure you’re entering the currently active gift codes to get rid of the Unknown Gift Code Error in Tower Of Fantasy. But, since the event is active until November, keep reading below.

Inserting Wrong Code

In order to reap the rewards, you have to insert the code exactly as it is provided to you. Even slight changes made in the code will be deemed invalid. Recheck the codes you’re inserting and try again.

Internet Connectivity

Check if your internet is functioning smoothly while you’re entering the code. Maybe if you’re connectivity is fluctuating, the redemption process might not work properly. So, try and get a stable connection while redeeming the codes.

These are some of the ways you can fix the Unknown Gift Code Error in Tower Of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to get Dust Wheeler Vehicle in Tower Of Fantasy and How to Solve Kerosenia Plant Puzzle.


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