How To Craft Silver Talisman Treasure Of Nadia

In Treasure of Nadia, you have to craft a Silver Talisman in one of the quests. After crafting the Talisman, you have to hand it over to Diana and collect money instead of the Talisman. First you have to collect some ingredients to make the Silver Talisman. In this guide, you will learn how to create a Silver Talisman and how to get its ingredients.

How to Make Silver Talisman in Treasure Of Nadia?

In order to create the Silver Talisman, you need to collect two things. The Silver Talisman in Treasure of Nadia is made of two materials.

  • Stone Talisman (x3)
  • Silver Ore

The Stone Talisman are scattered through out the Estero Park. You can take a stroll over there and collect three of them. And you can buy the Silver Ore from Squallmart for $1000. Once you have got all the materials that are used in crafting the Talisman, you have to go to the Estero Park to forge the Silver Talisman.

You will find a cave in Estero Park, go into the cave. Now, inside the cave, you will have to find the Native Shrine. Near the site of Native Shrine, you have to put the three Stone Talismans and the Silver Ore that you had collected.

As soon as you put the materials before the Shrine, you will have crafted the Silver Talisman. This is how you forge a Silver Talisman.

What to do with the Silver Talisman?

Once you have got the Silver Talisman, you have to go the Library and visit Diana. When you meet her, show her the Silver Talisman and collect the money that she will give you.

Now you know how to craft the Silver Talisman in Treasure of Nadia. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out how to Make a Grappling Hook in Treasure of Nadia and Fishing Guide in Treasure of Nadia.


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