How To Make A Gamepass On Roblox

A Roblox Gamepass can be used to give players rewards like access to a restricted area, an in-game avatar item, or a permanent power-up. These Game passes can only be used once per player in Roblox. Once players have purchased a Gamepass, they will always have the rewards that they bought even after they quit the game. Users can make a new Gamepass for Roblox by going to the official website.

Let us find out how to do so below.

Roblox: How To Make A Gamepass?


As we said earlier, players can go to the official Roblox website and create a Gamepass. Moreover, they can also change details like its description and cost before making it available for purchase. To create a Gamepass, players can follow the simple instructions given below.

  • Go to the Roblox platform.
  • Select the game for which the Gamepass has to be created.
  • Go to the Store option for the selected game.
  •  Here, players will see an Add Pass tab.
  • Player must click on it and tap the Choose File option.
  • Now, players can click the file and choose “Open”.
  • If players want to make any changes, they can do so now.
  • Once players are satisfied with their Gamepass, they should click Preview to see what it would look like.
  • If there are no more changes, players can click the Verify upload option.
  • Now, players can click on Configure to decide the price of the Gamepass in Roblox.
  • After deciding the price, players finally need to select the option for Sell this item.
  • Now, players can go to their game and see their Pass.

This is how players can make a Gamepass in Roblox. For similar guides, check out Roblox Project Slayers How To Meditate


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