Last Shelter Survival: How To Get Hero Experience

Heroes are the backbone of your shelter and conqueror of this zombie-infested world. But even they have a hard time in front of opponents that may or may not be an immediate threat. So to overcome such situations you need to level them up as high as possible. And here is how you can accumulate hero experience in Last Shelter Survival to make them stronger.

How to Get Hero XP in Last Shelter Survival

Get Hero XP LSS

There are plenty of methods players can carry out for better EXP and faster leveling. Some are time bound, while others are regular. And you need not be at a high level for using some of the below ways. Now without any delay, let us now jump to the methods.

Max Hero Hall

Some players tend to ignore the importance of structural development thinking it can be done anytime and will not have much effect in the fight and war. But that is not the case, the higher the Hall level, the better EXP you gain. Heroes can earn close to 40K EXP in some fights if this is maxed out.

Zombie Level

The experience that players can gain from zombies differs with their level. So if you are aiming to collect XP faster, it is best to target level 15 enemies or the highest you are capable of handling.


The Tiles during this event give you two types of training. One that is always active and another that triggers during this is called Special Training. This Special Training can give the best rewards as well as EXP. Tiles flipping can also give you a tremendous amount of hero XP.

Hero Day Challenge

This challenge is best for getting hero XP when compared to other challenges. It is recommended to attack level 15 Zombies during this. And this is also considered the best time to use all your collected XP and Wisdom medals.

That’s all on how to get a hero experience in Last Shelter Survival. If you found this guide interesting and knowledgeable, then skim through our site GamesAdda and read how to increase Combat Power and get hero tokens in LSS.


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