How To Get And Play Tiger Lily Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Tiger lily Cookie is a Ranged Type Epic cookie that you can play as a character in the game. She is placed in the rear of the battalion. If you want to obtain and play with it, there are ways in which you can do it. In this guide, you will how you can get and play with Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Get Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

As mentioned earlier, there are ways in which you can get Tiger Lily Cookie in CRK. Apart from that, you will learn about the Toppings that are used on the cookie. Along with the character you can upgrade the Toppings used too.

One of the ways that you can obtain Tiger Lily Cookie is from the Regular Gacha. But, being an Epic Cookie, this cookie has nearly 19.27% chance to appear in the Gacha. So, you can use the Regular Gacha if you can wait until you acquire it. In order to use the Regular Gacha, you will need at least 300 Crystals.

If you’re not getting the Cookie in the Regular Gacha as a whole, there is another way to get Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can collect the Tiger Lily Soulstones from the Regular Gacha. Initially, you need to collect 20 Soulstones in order to unlock Tiger Lily Cookie. Keep collecting the Soulstones even after you’ve unlocked the cookie because it’ll help you to upgrade the rank of the cookie.

Alternatively, you can use this method to get Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can use Cookie Cutters to get a cookie in CRK. In order to obtain Cookie Cutters, you will have to play the game and complete several quests. You can receive Cookie Cutters as rewards.

These are the ways you can get Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Now that you know how to obtain her in the game, you may as well want to know how to play it in CRK.

How to Play Tiger Lily Cookie?

As mentioned earlier, Tiger Lily Cookie is a Ranged type cookie in CRK and is positioned at the rear end of the battalion. She has a skill which is called Tiger Rider. Upon activating the skill, the cookie will attack the nearby enemies while riding on the butter tiger. Apart from that, until the skill is active, her attack speed for regular attacks will increase too. Her skill has a 13 second cool down time.
Regarding the Toppings that can be used for Tiger Lily Cookie, you can use Searing Raspberry(x5), Bouncy Caramel(x5) and Swift Chocolate(x5). Alternatively, you can use Searing Raspberry(x3) and Bouncy Caramel(x2), if you want to try other combination.

This is how you can Get and Play Tiger Lily Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Lilac Cookie Guide in Cookie Run Kingdom and How to Get Mango Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.


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