How To Get Ultra Instinct Goku In Dragon Ball Legends

Ultra Instinct Goku is one of the most important cards in Dragon Ball Legends. He is a Sparking Player in the game. Even for a Sparking, the chances of getting him are super rare. In the Fourth Anniversary celebration, the character was shown in The Ultimate Battle. So, in this article you will learn how to get UI Goku in the game.

How to Unlock UI Goku in Dragon Ball Legends?

ultra instincts Goku

UI Goku is one of the main attractions for the fans in the new update. Apart from him, the other main attraction in the game is Super Saiyan Vegeta. As mentioned earlier, the chances of getting UI Goku in the summons are rare because it is a Legend Limited Sparking. But there are ways to get UI Goku in this banner.

Keep Summoning

You have to keep summoning consecutively to get a Legends Limited. Once you have completed the 6 steps of summoning, you have a chance at getting a Sparking UI Goku. During the summoning, it may happen that you will get some duplicate cards. But it will be worth it if you get UI Goku. If you get it this time, you can play it in different modes in the game.

Exchange Legends Tickets

Another way you can get the UI Goku is by exchanging the Legends Tickets. You need 1000 Legends Tickets to get Ultra Instinct Goku. Saving the Legends Tickets is one option you have. You can get the Legends Tickets by completing the challenges of the banner. There is only one way of getting the Legends Tickets and that is through the challenges.

You can try these ways to get UI Goku in Dragon Ball Legends. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes, and Best Anime games on Android.


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