How To Walk Without Moving In Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game where players need to move around in their surroundings to locate Pokemon and capture them. It serves the dual purpose of entertaining gamers while also getting them up on their feet and  moving. However, for a lot of players it is not possible to walk around for a large portion of the day. Such players may be curious to know if it is possible to walk without moving in Pokemon Go and how to do so.

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How To Walk Without Moving In Pokemon GO?


While it is possible to walk without moving in the game, Niantic is pretty strict about spoofing. Players that try to trick the game might get their account banned permanently if they are caught. That being said, there are a lot of applications which players can use to change their current location and trick the game into thinking that they are moving.

The easiest way to walk without moving in Pokemon Go is by using location changing apps. For iOS users there are a number of apps that can be used to change their location. Meanwhile, Android players can use tools like Fake GPS to alter their location. All of these location changing apps work the same. Once players have altered their location, they will need to refresh their game to mimic movement.

Players can also use a GPS Joystick t0 stimulate movement through apps like Fake GPS.

However, we do not recommend using alternative methods to move in the game. Not only does it ruin the experience of the game, it could also end up getting a player’s account banned for cheating.

That is everything players need to know to walk without moving in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go guides, check out How To Use Daily Adventure Incense In Pokemon GO?


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