Google IO 2022: Many features of Apple iOS will be available in Android 13

Google IO Upcoming in 2022 Android 13 can be offered. The public beta of this upcoming operating system will be rolled out soon. Google’s upcoming operating system can come with some of the popular features of Apple’s iOS. These features also include TTT (Tap to transfer), which is found in Apple devices. Apart from this, the Handoff feature can also be integrated with the new Android.

You can get these features from Apple

Through Handoff feature, users can use one app across all Apple devices. This feature works on all Apple devices if you are logged in with the same Apple ID. In this, users can access the picture clicked in iPhone through Safari browser in Mac.

Google can bring this feature in Android 13. Through this feature, smartphone, laptop, tablet i.e. the entire ecosystem can be accessed by logging in to the same Google Account. Currently, Google allows bookmarks to be synced across Android and ChromeOS.

TTT (Tap to Transfer)

TTT (Tap to Transfer) feature may also be added in Android 13. This feature will be an upgrade of Google Nearby Share, in which users will be able to easily transfer files to their nearest Android devices. This feature has already been seen in the beta build of Android 13 released in January. Apart from this, many more new features can also be added to Android 13, which can give users an iOS experience.

Many features have been seen in the developer preview of Android 13, which was rolled out in February, including a new user interface, improved privacy and connectivity features. According to the report, new security and permission features will be available for the user in the Android 13 Developer Preview.

The new operating system will tell you which app is using your smartphone’s camera and microphone, as well as information about storage, contacts, etc. The user will get notifications about it. Also, a new photo picker tool has been added, through which users will not have to give permission for all photos while sharing their photos and videos. Users will only give permission to the app for the photo or video they want to share.

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