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Holy Unblocker is a secure web proxy service supporting numerous sites while concentrating on detail with design, mechanics and features. Bypass web filters regardless of whether it is an extension or network-based.

Holy Unblocker

Bypass filters and freely enjoy a safer private browsing experience or unblock websites on devices such as Chromebooks and at places like school or work without downloading anything.

What is Holy Unblocker?

Holy Unblocker is an official flagship Titanium Network site. It can bypass web filters or “blockers” regardless of whether it is an extension or network-based. Being a secure web proxy service, it supports numerous sites while being updated frequently and concentrating on detail with design, mechanics and features.

Holy Unblocker
Holy Unblocker

Works with a large number of sites, including YouTube, Discord and more! Also has a good amount of locally hosted games featured on the site.

You can support Holy Unblocker by starring the repository!

Read below for information if the official site is blocked or for obtaining more links.

Can’t deploy using any of the free options below? Check out Railway or look into cheap, paid VPS hosting solutions.



Official Site: https://www.holyubofficial.net

Official GitHub: https://github.com/titaniumnetwork-dev/Holy-Unblocker

Holy Unblocker Discord Links

Be sure to join Titanium Network’s Discord for more official site links: https://discord.gg/hcUUceSCtjDo

Do %proxy hu for more Holy Unblocker links in the Titanium Network Discord server.

Read the above for information if the official site is blocked or for obtaining more links.

Holy Unblocker Links

Holy Unblocker Links is a safe online proxy service that supports a variety of websites while paying close attention to style, functionality and operations. Whether it’s an extension or a network-based web filter, you can get around it.

Holy Unblocker Mirror Links is the Titanium Network’s authorized flagship website. Whether it’s an extension or a network-basead system, it can get beyond web filters or “blockers”. As a safe online proxy service.

How do I unblock websites using Holy Unblocker?

Head to the Web Proxies page and select one of the proxies featured! Afterwards type out the site you wish to access in the search box (“example.com”).

If you wish to explore the games featured on HU check out the game pages.

Don’t know the difference between each web proxy?

Check out the use case for each proxy in the page description. A quick overview:

  • Corrosion: Broad support for the majority of sites but slower (YouTube, now.gg, .io sites).
  • Womginx: Fast but has forward support for most sites (Discord, Bing and DuckDuckGo).

Are all sites supported? Why are some sites not loading?

As advanced as they are, web proxies are not perfect. This means that some sites may not be supported by any of the proxies here due to limitations or security measures.

This also applies to speed; naturally things will may slower or broken under a proxy versus direct access.

Searx | Holy Unblocker

Searx is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

Additionally, searx can be used over Tor for online anonymity.

Games Directory

Choose where you would like to go. Below is some information.


Here you can find cool stuff like emulators and games!

Emulators Featured: GB(A/C), N64(Broken), NES, SNES, Genesis.

EmuLibrary: Collection of games you can play with the various emulators here. (WIP)

Games Featured: Lots. Flash support is spotty.

YouTube Proxy | Holy Unblocker

Choose which proxy you would like to use. Below is some information. YouTube now has enhanced support with onsite navigation w/Corrosion! Simply use the buttons below to access YouTube via Corrosion.

Discord Proxy | Holy Unblocker

If you wish for a proxy with better support for Discord, be sure to join the TN Discord and check out our Patreon!

Each of the various Patreon tiers helps out significantly with server expenses and domain restocks.

Although you can continue supporting Holy Unblocker for free with Arc/Ads (by simply using HU more), donating helps a lot more when upgrading or maintaining its servces.

Rough summary of possible benefits ($2-10):

  • Subscriber Library Access (Subscriber Discord Proxy)
  • Beta Membership for HU
  • Feature Requests
  • Monthly shout-outs in announcements
  • Personalized Domains (Can request for your own domain with HU)
  • Exclusive role (Supporter and Subscriber)

The premium Discord proxy is outside of these issues:

  • Being prompted to verify by email or via phone number.
  • Slow messaging or invalid invites.
  • Sites getting blocked often
  • And more!

Reddit Proxy

Using the local libreddit instance is recommended.

Supports of Holy Unblocker

  • Youtube.com
  • Discord.com
  • Google.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Bing.com
  • And more sites!

Holy Unblocker Sites:


Youtube is the most famous video-sharing platform in the world. You can find everything on it, but some countries have restricted its uses due to copyright issues. You can also use this website to watch other blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.


Discord is an online chat platform created by the developers of Skype, but unlike Skype, Discord offers free voice chat and text messaging services for its users. That makes it a great alternative if you want to chat with your friends while playing games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Google is the world’s best search engine site available on the internet.  Google can also access using a VPN. If you want to unblock Google and keep it that way, this is the site you want to use.


Reddit is an American social news aggregation website that ranks content based on user voting and comments. It was founded in 2005 by Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman, and Chris Slowe (who left after 10 months). Reddit is divided into subreddits covering different topics, including technology, entertainment, and politics.


Bing is a search engine that Microsoft launched in 2009 as a rival to Google. The site has been popular among users since it was launched because it has many features that other search engines don’t have. Bing allows you to search for pictures, videos, maps, and web pages. You can also use Bing to find movie times, set reminders, etc.

Features of Holy Unblocker

  • Tab customization using the Options menu for improved stealth.
  • Considerable variety with the open selection of proxy types.
  • Game library with moderately decent titles.
  • Has frequent support articles for issues relating to the various proxy instances.
  • Expansive game library.
  • Various parity changes.

Holy Unblocker Alternative Links




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