How to Compress Video on iPhone, Here’s the Easy Way …

The cameras of iPhones are considered to be very good for making videos. Even the latest iPhone 13 range has features like an overhauled camera and a cinematic video recording mode. Even though the video quality in iPhone can be very good, but the saved videos also take up a lot of storage space. These large video files cannot be attached to emails as they come with a size limit for attachments. Apple hasn’t yet provided a default method for compressing videos on iPhones.

The best way is to record videos that need to be compressed in low-quality. Instead of recording in other available modes like 4K or 1080p. But if you’ve already recorded videos and need to make them smaller, it’s pretty easy with the right tools. Here we are telling the way by which you can compress the video.

How to compress videos on your iPhone

There is no default way to compress video on iPhone. To compress large videos, users will have to rely on third party apps. We have told about one such trusted app which we have checked. We have explained its complete process in the steps given below. But apart from this, there are many other video compression apps that can be found on the App Store.

If you want, you can record video at low-quality. to do this you Settings > Camera > Record video will go on. From here you can record the video at a lower level of quality. But to reduce the size of the video which has already been recorded in high quality, you can Video Compress app can use. We have told about this in the steps given below.
App Store Download Video Compress app from .
Once installed, tap on the big ‘+’ sign on the homepage.
The app will ask for some permissions related to it such as access to the Photos app. You Ok Press it. The Video Compress app will then show you a list of all the videos in your Camera Roll.
Tap and click on the video you want to compress. Users can select multiple videos to compress at once.
The app will now show the user all the options on which he wants to compress his video. The presets available in the Video Compress app include Full-HD quality which compresses up to 28.6MB per minute and the lowest is 360p which compresses up to 3.6MB per minute. Select the option which you want.
Video Compress will then ask the user to select a destination album (the album in which you want to compress the video). If the pre-existing options do not work, the user can Add New Album You can also compress the video into a new album via .
Once the destination is selected, the video compress process starts. This process also takes about 30 seconds or more.
Lastly, the app asks users to choose whether they want to keep the original video or delete it. new compressed video Destination Album And will also appear in Camera Roll.

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