Apex Legends Mobile: Hyperbeat Battle Pass Skins & Rewards (2022)

Apex Legends Mobile recently saw the new update which marked the end of the previous Battle Pass and the beginning of the new Hyperbeat Battle Pass. The update of the game brings in a new legend, which has debuted in the mobile version of Apex Legends. Apart from that, there are new Skins & Rewards in Hyperbeat Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile.

We have covered the details of the Hyperbeat Battle Pass in this guide below. Check out this guide and learn all there is to know about the new season update of Apex Legends Mobile.

What are Hyperbeat Battle Pass Skins and Rewards in Apex Legends Mobile?

Hyperbeat Battle Pass

The Hyperbeat Battle Pass is divided into two parts, the free Battle Pass and the Premium Battle Pass. The free Battle Pass is as the name suggests, players don’t have to pay to get access to the skins and rewards given in the free version of the Battle Pass. However, the Premium Battle Pass is different. In order to get access to the battle pass, you need to have 1599 Syndicate Gold. In case, you don’t have that much Syndicate Gold, you can always buy some of that with real money.

Well, further in this guide, we have mentioned the Hyperbeat Battle Pass Skins and Rewards. Check out what you can claim in this season of Apex Legends Mobile. There are 50 levels in the battle pass, and to reach the last level you need to complete the missions assigned to you and gain Exp. Check out the below list of Skins and Rewards that you’ll be able to claim.

Battle Pass Level Free Battle Pass Premium Battle Pass
1 Crypto Fragments (x2) Shock Jock (Mirage Skin x1) and Violet Meter (Mastiff Shotgun x1)
2 Pack Piece (x2) Syndicate Gold (x50)
3 Hyperbeat: Wins (Crypto x1) Pack Piece (x5)
4 Flux (x20) Syndicate Gold (x50)
5 Hyperbeat: Wins (Rhapsody x1) Drum Solo (Lifeline)
6 Flux (x20) Mission Card (x1)
7 Mission Card (x4) Sleek Cans
8 Remote Hack Hyperbeat: Wins (Mirage x1)
9 Crypto Fragments (x2) Syndicate Gold (x50)
10 Mix Fit (Rhapsody Skins) Noise Refrain (Mozambique skin)
11 Mission Card (x4) Hyperbeat: Wins (Lifeline x1)
12 Pack Piece (x5) Disco Bot
13 Crypto Fragments (x2) Syndicate Gold (x50)
14 Hyperbeat: Kills (Crypto x1) Pack Piece (x5)
15 Shooting Star Shuffling (Mirage emote)
16 Mission Card (x4) Syndicate Gold (x50)
17 Crypto Fragments (x2) Slick Beats
18 Mission Card (x4) Hyperbeat Wins (Octane x1)
19 Flux (x20) Syndicate Gold (x50)
20 Chrome Chorus (30-30 Skin) Private Dancer (Mirage Emote)
21 Pack Piece (x5) Mission Card (x4)
22 Mission Card (x4) Hyperbeat: Kills (Lifeline)
23 Flux (x20) Syndicate Gold (x50)
24 Hyperbeat wins (Pathfinder x1) Mission Card (x4)
25 Crypto Fragments (x2) Holographic Friend
26 Mission Card (x4) Syndicate Gold (x50)
27 Flux (x20) Hyperbeat: Kills (Mirage)
28 Pack Piece (x5) Drum Solo (Lifeline)
29 Mission Card (x4) Syndicate Gold (x50)
30 Fuchsia Fury (R-99 SMG Skin) Hype Machine (Pathfinder Skin)
31 Hyperbeat Kills (Rhapsody) Mission Card (x4)
32 Pack Piece (x5) Hyperbeat Damage (Lifeline)
33 Mission Card (x4) Syndicate Gold (x50)
34 Hyperbeat Damage (Crypto) Pack Piece (x5)
35 Holo-Hacker Slide Hustle (Octane Skin)
36 Pack Piece (x5) Hyperbeat Kills (Pathfinder)
37 Common Pack Flux (x20)
38 Pack Piece (x5) Syndicate Gold (x50)
39 Mission Card (x4) Mission Card (x4)
40 Hyperbeat Kills (Octane) Paint Blaster (Flatline Skin)
41 Flux (x20) Syndicate Gold (x50)
42 Pack Piece (x5) Flux (x20)
43 Mission Card (x4) Syndicate Gold (x50)
44 Hyperbeat Damage (Pathfinder) Pack Piece (x5)
45 Drip Remix Glowsticking (Lifeline emote)
46 Hyperbeat Damage (Rhapsody) Syndicate Gold (x50)
47 Common Pack Hyperbeat Damage (Mirage)
48 Flux (x20) Flux (x20)
49 Hyperbeat Damage (Octane) Syndicate Gold (x100)
50 Techno Teal (Crypto skin) Emergency Emcee (Lifeline skin) and Polished Pulse (L-STAR EMG)

So, these are the Rewards that are awaiting you in the Battle Pass. This is all you need to know about the Skins and Rewards of Hyperbeat Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Apex Legends Crypto Abilities and All Skins in Apex Legends Gaiden Event.


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