Top War: How To Leave An Alliance

Top War is a multiplayer build and battle game with a merge-to-upgrade feature. There are many game modes, such as SvS, Dark Forces, War Robots, and more. Some of these battle modes require you to fight with your teammates, but what if your alliance members are not active? Then leave your Top War alliance following the steps below.

How to Leave Alliance in Top War

Top War Leave Alliance

Being in an alliance helps players grow faster. It is also important for the protection of their resources and base. And is especially crucial for a new player, as they get attacked left and right. But what if you mistakenly become part of a dead alliance? No worries, here are the steps to leave them.

  • Open your game, and tap on the symbol of holding hands from the right side of your screen.
  • Hit the “Settings” option from the bottom of your screen.
  • You will have several options, now select “Leave Alliance“.
  • A message will pop up informing you that all your progress including Droid and Tech Donations will reset after you leave the alliance. And only Alliance points won’t reset.
  • Press “OK” to continue, and another confirmation window will pop up. Confirm your choice by pressing “OK”.

If your alliance leader has been inactive for days and you rank R4 or R5 in your team. Then you can also choose to dismiss them. If other members agree, you can become the new leader or just hold a position for some time, till you find a new leader. To do that, go into the alliance menu, tap on Settings from the bottom of your screen, and then press “Leader Dismissal“. You will become a new leader if your current alliance leader does not log in for 5 and more days. Demoting them to R5 rank.

This is all you need to do to leave the alliance in Top War. Looking for more same-game articles. Check out Top War Battle Game gift codes.


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