How To Level Up Characters Quickly In Roblox Anime Warriors (2022)

If you’re looking for tips to level up your characters quickly in Roblox Anime Warriors, then your search is over. We’ll tell you how you can evolve your characters and make them invincible. So what are you waiting for, go through the methods and complete the quests throughout the Multiverse.

How To Evolve Anime Warriors Characters Fast? (2022)

Level Up Characters Quickly Roblox Anime Warriors

There are two best ways to evolve and level up your characters fast in Anime Warriors.

Play Difficult Modes

Playing difficult modes like Hard and Overkill will help you level up your characters quickly. That’s because these matches last longer and allow you to collect as many XP points as you can. So don’t waste more time and start farming XP in Anime Warriors by playing higher-difficulty modes.

Feeding Characters

The second best way in Anime Warriors to level up your characters quickly is by Feeding. Along with farming and grinding the XP try feeding your useless characters to your main character in the game. This method will help you gain extra XP points. If you don’t know how to do this, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open the in-game Inventory located on the left side of your screen.
  • After that, select the character you want to level up and evolve. (Upgrading high rarity characters are recommended)
  • After doing that, simply click on the Feed option colored in orange.
  • And then, a window will appear with all your characters, pick the characters you want to Feed.
  • And in order to complete the process of Feeding, you will have to pay a little amount of Yen.
  • And voila, you’ll receive the extra XP for your character easily.
  • However if you don’t have an extra or useless character in the game, then you can always spin for 1 Star characters by using your yen.

These are all the ways to level up your characters quickly in Anime Warriors. If you want some free rewards in the game, then here are all the Roblox Anime Warriors codes for you.


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