How To Level Up & Get EXP Quickly In Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is an action, adventure, MMORPG where players can collect and level up monsters as they progress through the game. You will want to level up fast to unlock more of the main storyline as well as beat some difficult story missions. In this guide, we will take you through the process of getting EXP quickly to level up faster in Summoners War Chronicles.

How To Level Up And Get EXP In Summoners War Chronicles?

There are multiple ways to farm for EXP in the game. We have explained the most straightforward methods to level up and progress faster in this guide.

Main Story Missions

The most obvious way to get EXP and level up is to finish the main story tasks in Summoners War Chronicles. Moreover, you can repeat these tasks as many times as you like and still earn EXP. This is why it is a great way to farm EXP as long as you have enough energy points. In addition, story missions can give you new monsters and rune sets which are key to progressing faster in the game.

Arena Fights

Apart from main story tasks, you can also gain quick EXP through Arena missions. You can face off against other players and test out your monsters while also gaining EXP and medals as rewards.

Labyrinth And Dungeon Runs

While you can get decent EXP from the above options, it might not be enough after progressing further in the game. At this point, you can earn more EXP by going on dungeon and labyrinth runs. You will have to clear out the enemies in a specific dungeon or labyrinth to claim the rewards.

Level Up Your Monsters

You are bound to end up with a lot of monsters as you play the game. However, not all monsters are useful for you. You will end up with a lot of unwanted monsters. To get a better idea about which monsters to keep and which ones to discard, check out our Summoners War Chronicles Tier List: Best Monsters Ranked.

You can level up monsters using Rune Sets. These can be attained during story missions and will help raise certain stats of your monster. Each monster has 6 rune slots and you should try to complete the rune sets to earn special bonuses.


This method will eat up a lot of your resources. However, it can give new skills to your monster and raise its stats. This method can not be applied to 1-star monsters though. Since it is a resource-heavy process, you should select the monster you want to Awaken carefully.

These are the best ways to gain EXP and level up quickly in the game. For more Summoners War Chronicles guides, check out Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide And Tips.


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