Merge Mansion: How To Get Tool Barrel (VIII)?

Merge Mansion is a popular match and merge game with a bunch of undiscovered secrets. Players will require a number of different items as they progress through their journey of renovating the mansion, fixing the garden, and uncovering the mysteries of the game. One such item is the Tool Barrel which gives out Gardening tools that will be essential for players. Tool Barrel (VIII) is the last item in the Gardening Toolbox branch of Merge Mansion.

Players will need to do a lot of merging in order to get this item in the game.

How To Get The Tool Barrel (VIII) In Merge Mansion?


Players will first have to get the Closed Tool Crate if they want to get the Tool Barrel (VIII). It is the first level of the Gardening Toolbox branch. The Closed Tool Crate can be obtained from the Drawers and Brown Chests. In addition, players can also get this item in the shop. Once players have the Closed Tool Crate all they need to do is keep merging it till they get the Tool Barrel (VIII).

The order of merge starts with the Closed Tool Crate. Players can merge this item to create a Dusty Tool Crate. Now, players can merge Dusty Tool Crates to get a Tool Crate. Further merging the Tool Crates will give players Tool Barrel (I). Now, players just need to progress through the merges till they reach Tool Barrel (VIII). It will require some consistency and patience but it will be well worth the reward once players manage to create it. Players can get 1 XP Star, Gardening Tools (L1-L5), and Gardening Gloves (L1-L3) in drops from the Tool Barrel (VIII). It offers 16 drops per recharge with a recharge time of 1 hour.

This is how players can get the Tool Barrel (VIII) in Merge Mansion. For similar guides, check out Merge Mansion: How To Get Toolbox?


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