Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock: How To Obtain A Grappling Hook

Hypixel started out as a YouTube channel that created Minecraft Adventure Maps.  However, it is now one of the largest Minecraft Server Networks. Players can get a lot of entertaining features like the Grappling Hook through which players can zipline to the next blocks every 2 seconds. While that sounds like a lot of fun, creating a grappling hook in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock can be quite a challenge.

Let us take a look at how players can get the grappling hook in the game.

How To Get A Grappling Hook In Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock?

The Grappling Hook is an item unlocked at String VII. It has a cooldown of 2 seconds. Players can either buy or craft the grappling hook.

If players do not want to bother with crafting, they can go to the Auction House and buy  the Grappling Hook. The price for the item may vary from player to player. However, it is the quickest method to obtain the grappling hook in the game.

Players can also choose to craft the item. The grappling hook has a simple recipe to craft. However, getting all the items to create a grappling hook can be a tedious and expensive task in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock. Minecrafters will need two sticks and three pieces of enchanted string to craft the grappling hook.

Players can easily find the sticks in the game. However, they will need to have three stacks of regular string to craft an enchanted string. Players can place the three stacks of regular string in the center of the crafting grid to make a crafting grid. If players do not want to go through the trouble of crafting an enchanted string, they can purchase it from the Auction House for 5,760 coins.

After getting all the items required, players can open the crafting grid and place a stick in the center and one in the bottom-right square. Now, players can place the enchanted string in the left top,  one left, and below the top left square. The exact layout is given in the picture below.


This is how players can get the grappling hook in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock. For more Minecraft content, check out Best Minecraft Servers In India.


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