MIR4 How To Be An Arcanean Request Guide

MIR4 is an open-world K-Fantasy MMORPG with NFT and play-to-earn elements. There is a lot that players can do in the game like complete quests, finish request missions, or explore the vast open world. Requests are a special type of mission in the game. These missions can be accepted by talking to a specific NPC that will provide the request. The How To Be An Arcanean is a request mission that players can complete in MIR4. Let us find out how to complete this request mission quickly in the game.

How To Be An Arcanean Request Mission In MIR4?


Players can only accept one request mission at a time. To accept this request, players will need to talk to Huijo who is the requestor for Phantom Woods. However, there is a catch. Players will not be able to auto-move to reach the request NPC. The NPC is located on top of a hill in the eastern part of the Phantom Woods. Players will have to climb up to reach Huijo. They will be able to spot the NPC from far off through the icon.


Once players talk to Huijo, they will get to accept the How To Be An Arcanean request mission in MIR4. The objective of this mission is to find Angelica Herbs in the Crevices. The recommended Power score for this request is 58,843. Players will be able to complete this quest by finding the herb on a high towering peak to the Northeast of Bicheon Town. Once players gather the herb, they will receive a notification from Huijo about the quest being completed.

Players will get a Rare Sky Tearing Dragon Orb, 33,600 Copper, and 65,270 Exp as a reward for completing this quest. This is all about how players can complete the How To Be An Arcanean request mission in MIR4. For more guides on this game, check out MIR4: How To Get Mystical Piece?


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