My Time At Sandrock: How To Fish

My Time at Sandrock is an open-world RPG where players can interact with their surroundings and indulge in a number of activities. Players can even go fish in the sand as they play My Time At Sandrock. Let us find out how players can unlock this skill in the game.

How To Fish In My Time At Sandrock?


Players can learn to fish from Elise in My Time At Sandrock. There are a few items players will need to have before they can start fishing in the game. Players need to have a Sandfish Trap and bait to start fishing. The quality of the fish players catch will often depend on the type of bait they use. A lower quality bait will result in lower quality catches while a high quality bait will give high quality fish.

For beginners that are just trying to grasp the basis of fishing, the hole besides Eufala salvage will be the best. It is located near the ruins entrance. Players will need to craft their trap and gather their bait before they can start to fish at any location in My Time At Sandrock. While players can also attempt to fish without a bait, their chances of succeeding will reduce drastically.

Once players actually start fishing, they will need to participate in a mini game to  catch the fish. In the mini game, players will propel the bait out to lure the fish. Then, players will need to wait for a fish to venture near the lure to inspect it. Once the fish is near the lyre, players will have to hook and reel them in. If they successfully hook them, the trap will bring the fish out.

This is how players can fish in My Time At Sandrock. For more guides about the game, check out My Time At Sandrock: Burgess Gift Guide


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