How to Be Born in New Jersey on BitLife

BitLife is a game where players are able to do just about anything. From your looks to your skills, you can make it what you want. The randomness of the game is what keeps some people hooked. However, the game also has a great customisation mode for those that prefer a little more specificity. If you’re looking to be a New Jersey girl or guy, you don’t even need to get the God mode to make that happen. Here is all that you need to do to get your character to be born in New Jersey on BitLife.

How to Start A Life in New Jersey on BitLife

How to Be Born in New Jersey in BitLife

To start a new life in New Jersey on BitLife, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your BitLife Main Menu
  • Start a New Life
  • Choose the name and gender of your character
  • Select the United States as the Country
  • Now choose Newark as the Place/City
  • Start your character’s life now
  • Your character will now be born in Newark, New Jersey

Many are unaware of cities in New Jersey since we refer to the places in New Jersey as just ‘Jersey’. In BitLife all that you’re able to decide is the Country and the City. And so, we really can’t blame anyone that doesn’t know anything about the cities in New Jersey. Especially if you live outside of the United States yourself. So finding a city in New Jersey on BitLife can really be a task.

BitLife is a sneaky game that has challenges and missions that can just be downright annoying sometimes. But it is still quite fun to figure it out as well. With this challenge, you get a geography lesson for free! Never thought you’d find out that New Jersey is not a city though BitLife now did you?

In BitLife, there is only one city per state. This makes it hard for many to know which place is the right one. Pro tip: The city is usually the most popular one in the state. That’s why you have Newark as a place instead of New Jersey in BitLife.

This was our guide on how to be born in New Jersey on BitLife. If you want to read more about BitLife, check out this article on how you can become a chemical engineer in BitLife.


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