How To Become A Nun In Bitlife

BitLife offers many interesting career paths to players. From Doctors to Crime Lords to Nun, players can choose any kind of life they want for their character. If players are looking for a life of devotion and want to become a nun in BitLife, they can follow this guide for the same.

How To Choose A Nun Career In Bitlife?

Players that aspire to become a Nun will need to have a lot of discipline in BitLife. While the career only becomes available once the character turns 18, it is only offered to players that meet certain requirements. To apply for the job, players can go to the Occupation option and then check for the listing in the Jobs tab. Players might have to age up a year if they do not see the Nun job till the listing is available. The requirements to become a Nun are listed below.

Female Character

The first requirement to become a Nun is obviously that the character should be female. Male characters will get the Monk career path instead of the Nun in Bitlife.

Good Behavior

The second requirement is that players should have lived a chaste and kind life up to that point. So, choosing “good behavior” interactions will help players get the Nun career path.

This means being kind to members of the family, friends at school, and any pets that the family might have. Moreover, for random events like the family taking a vacation, always choose to show gratitude and accept. When getting shots at the doctor, do not bite the parent or shout. These interactions will affect the likelihood of players getting the Nun career option.

Chaste Character

Another requirement for becoming a Nun in Bitlife is that the character remains chaste. Do not get into any relationship or indulge in one night stands. This will end any chances of players being offered a job as a Nun. Even after the character has gotten the job, they can get fired if they do not follow the lifestyle.

Players can also ensure that they are accepted as a Nun by choosing to study Religious Studies at University. This is not a mandatory requirement to get the job but it helps the likelihood of players getting accepted. Players can also apply for the job right out of school.

This is how players can become a Nun In Bitlife. For more career options in Bitlife, check out How To Become A Singer In Bitlife?


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