How To Fix Parental Consent Error In Tower Of Fantasy (2022)

In the Tower Of Fantasy, many players are reporting the “Parental Consent” message Error and they’re unable to fix it. But don’t worry we’ve come up with some fixes that’ll surely solve your problem. Along with the parental control error, some players are also facing the “Credit card Requirement” error in the game. However, the developers are aware of these errors and already trying to fix them. Till then here’s how you can fix these errors and continue playing the game.

Tower Of Fantasy Parental Consent & Credit Card Error (2022)

Fix Parental Consent & credit card Error In Tower Of Fantasy

To fix the Tower Of Fantasy Parental Consent & Credit Card message error here’s what you’ll need to do. As we all know the game is free to download then too the server is asking for the Credit Card details. Similarly, no matter what age players have entered, they’re still getting the Parental Consent message error.

  • You can try to fix these errors by Logging in and Logging out from the game until the issue is resolved. (You might require doing this method 5 to 10 times.)
  • If that doesn’t solve your problem then you can always try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Some players have reported that this method has worked for them.

These are all the methods to fix the Tower Of Fantasy Parental Consent & Credit Card error. If none of the mentioned methods work for you then you’ll just have to wait until the developers fix it.

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Note: All the methods to fix the error mentioned in the article above are temporary fixes. Although they’ve worked for several players but still not guaranteed.

This is all you need to do to fix the error messages. However, till the bugs are getting fixed, check out this tier list of all Tower Of Fantasy weapons.


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