How to Unlock The Planet Crafter Map

Planet Crafter is an open-world game where you try to survive against the elements of this weird world. Apart from this, you have to try to convert this hostile planet into a liveable space for other humans. This adventure game is sure to keep you on your toes. I can just see how cool the new world is going to be. But the way that you need to start with all of this is to first unlock the Planet Crafter map and learn how to use it. Luckily for you, that is what this guide is all about.

How to Unlock and Use the Planet Crafter Map

How to Unlock The Planet Crafter Map

How to Unlock The Map

To unlock the Planet Crafter map, you need to first complete these six steps:

  • Loot a Rocket Engine
  • Alternatively, you can also reach 175.00 kTI in Terraforming
  • This will unlock the recipe
  • Now, unlock the Launch Platform by reaching 345.00 kTI in Terraforming
  • After that, find and use Blueprint Microchips
  • This will unlock the GPS Satellite T1
  • You can now unlock the Map Screen
  • Launch a GPS Satellite T1 into orbit
  • Now, build a Map Screen in the area you want to see the map

Now that you have unlocked the Planet Crafter Map, here are the basics of how it works so that you can use it.

How to Use The Map

You can only see a small, local area through the map. And so, there is no way how you’ll be able to see the entire playable area even in the Early Access version 0.4.004. But no worries, here is how you can find the locations in The Planet Crafter.

On the bottom left of your HUD, there’s going to be a set of five numbers, that will look like this:

221:12:432 : 5 : 60

These numbers represent- X:Y:Z : ? : FPS

This means:

  • X – Horizontal Coordinates (East to West)
  • Y – Vertical Coordinates (Up and Down)
  • Z – Horizontal Coordinates (North to South)
  • ? – Unknown
  • FPS – Current frames per second

The X, Y and Z list the specific location in the Planet Crafter world. use them to travel in the game until you reach those coordinates. Now, you will reach the exact location.

This was our guide on how to unlock the Planet Crafter map and learn how to use it. If you liked this article then check out these gaming articles to find other cool games.


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