How To Get & Play Otis In Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game designed for mobile devices. You can participate in 3v3 matches on a number of maps where you control your set of brawlers against the opposing team. There are a lot of brawlers that you can pick in the game. Otis is one such brawler who was introduced to Brawl Stars in Season 13 The Deep Sea Brawl. Let us find out how to obtain and use this brawler in the game.

How To Get & Play Otis In Brawl Stars?


Otis is a Chromatic Brawler that can be obtained as a reward for reaching tier 30 in the Season 13 Brawl Pass. You can also get Otis through Brawl Boxes.

This brawler can be super useful if you know how to play him correctly in the game. His Super can help him escape from Tanks and Assassins when they get too close. Moreover, Otis can use his Super against brawlers with the immunity shield to attack them despite the shield. You can also use his Super to prevent enemies from passing the ball in Brawl Ball and Basket Brawl events.

For Heist, Otis works out great as a defender. He can also work well on the offense and deal high damage to the safe. He can do heavy DPS damage with his Ink Refills Star Power and his Phat Splatter Gadget paired. Lastly, Otis is quite useful in maps like Snake Prairie where there are a lot of places to hide. His Gadget Phat Splatter combined with Stencil Glue can allow him to see an enemy for 4 seconds with his Super.

This is how you can get and play Otis in Brawl Stars. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How Good Is Janet In Brawl Stars?


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