Roblox Project Slayers: How to Win Cup Game

If you’ve watched the Anime Demon Slayers, you must be familiar with the Cup Game. The same concept of Cup Game has been added in Roblox Project Slayers. In case you’re new to Cup Game, it is a simple mini-game that you can play in the game.

Cup Game is played between 2 players in which you have to grab the cup before the opponent and try to splash water on the opponent. On the other hand, the opponent will try to cover the cup in defense and try to splash water on you.

It does sound quite an easy feat but, wait till you learn about it in detail. Read along with this guide further to know more about Cup Game in Project Slayers.

What is Cup Game in Project Slayers and How to Win it?

One thing you should know before playing Cup Game is that you need to be a Human in the game. As mentioned earlier, the core of Cup Game in Project Slayers is agility and reflexes in the anime. Also, in the game, it is not different.

While playing Cup Game, you have to press the buttons shown on the screen and you have to click fast enough. As the button will appear on the screen for a few seconds and if you missed the window, you will face the consequences.

As you can play Project Slayers on Mobile phones as well as PCs, there are different methods to win the mini-game on both devices. While playing on mobile phones, you have no option but to spot the buttons when they appear and click on the accurate buttons before you run out of time.

But, when you’re playing the game on PC, you can use a trick to buy time and win it in Project Slayers. In order to execute this trick, you will have to download a third-party app called Roblox FPS Unlocker. Using this app, you can cut the FPS down to a lower value, preferably 30 FPS. This will cause the game to lag and you will get a cushion time to win it.

This is all you need to know to win Cup Game in Project Slayers. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out other similar guides such as Roblox Project Slayers Slayer Corp Uniform guide and How to obtain Sword.


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