How To Get Rainbow Knife In Survive The Killer

Survive The killer is a Roblox horror survival game where players can either be Survivors or Killers. There is a multitude of weapons to choose from in the game. While there are a lot of regular weapons in the game, there are also some rare weapons that are only available during specific limited-time events. The Rainbow Knife is a rare weapon in Roblox Survive The Killer. It is actually available as Over The Rainbow but has become popular as the Rainbow Knife due to its appearance.

How To Obtain Rainbow Knife In Survive The Killer?


This weapon was first introduced in the game during the 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration event. Players could purchase the Over the Rainbow Knife during this time for 7,777 coins. The limited-time weapon re-appeared in the game during the 2021 St. Patrick’s event at a much lower price. During this time, the Over the Rainbow Knife was priced at 1,000 coins or 65 gems.

The Over The Rainbow Knife has a very colorful appearance. It has a green hilt and a black handle that is decorated with 3 four-leaf clovers. The weapon’s knife is colored in Rainbow colors giving it a festive feel. It has an effect where players with the weapon get a long rainbow-colored trail that is similar to the design of the weapon. In addition, players also get trails of coins identical to the Pot O’ Gold effect.

That being said, how can players get the Rainbow Knife in the game right now? Unfortunately, the only way to get the Knife in the game right now is through trading since it is not available in the shop. The 2020 version of the Over the Rainbow knife has high trading value due to the fact that it is a weapon from one of the earliest events in Survive The Killer. However, players can get the 2021 version of the knife that looks exactly the same but has a lower trade value.

That is all about how players can get the Rainbow Knife in Roblox Survive The Killer. For more Survive The Killer content, check out How To Get Divine Cupid In Survive The Killer?


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