Raistar vs White444: Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire?

Free Fire is an intensely competitive battle royale game. There are numerous content creators across the world that compete and create Free Fire content. Raistar and White444 are two Free Fire content creators that are known globally for their magnificent gameplay. However, the two are often pitted against each other to see who is the best in a Raistar vs White444 situation.

Today, we will compare both these creators and see who has the better stats in Free Fire.

Raistar vs White444 Free Fire Stats Comparison

Let us briefly compare the recent stats of Raistar and White444 to see who has the best Free Fire stats in the game.

Win Rate

Raistar has played 16528 squad games and has 2760 wins. Meanwhile, White444 has played 1652 team matches and has won 262 of them. This puts Raistar’s win rate at 16.69% while White444’s win rate comes to 15.85%.

K/D Ratio

Raistar has gotten 54382 kills with 26050 headshots and his K/D ratio is 3.95. Meanwhile, White444 has 2953 kills and has a K/ D ratio of 2.12.

Solo Stats

In the solo category, Raistar has competed in 3548 matches and won 401 of them for a win ration of 11.30%. Alternatively, White444 has competed in 504 solo matches and has won 34 games fora win rate of 6.74%.

Ranked Stats

Raistar is yet to play in a Ranked match this season. On the other hand, White444 has played 84 team matches in the ongoing ranked season and has won in 8 games for a win rate of 9.52%.

As players can glean from the stats Raistar does have a slight edge over White444. However, these stats might soon change with a few games. In the end, viewers have got excellent content creators in both Raistar and White444. While stats may keep varying both these players are consistent in providing viewers with a load of entertaining content.

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