Lost Ark: Where To Get Roar?

Emotes are nothing but certain emotions that are conveyed through the actions of the characters. Usually, in the game, these emotes are used to depict intimidation, fear, joy, sorrow, etc. depending on the situation. Although, some of these emotes are given for free in the game, but some of them need to be unlocked. In this guide, we have covered the method through which you can get Roar emote in Lost Ark.

Similarly, the roar emote is used to depict bravery, the alpha element of your character to intimidate the other characters or enemies in the game. However, it has no tangible effect in the game.

How to Get Roar Emote in Lost Ark?

In order to get Roar in Lost Ark, you have to interact with Blackfang. She is a non-playing character in the game and also a vendor. But before you go looking for her on the map, you should know that you have to travel to a place called Freedom Isle.

If you open the map in Lost Ark, you will have to look for an icon of palm tree, south of Anikka and east of East Luterra. Once you reach Freedom Isle, you have to look for Blackfang. Usually, you’ll find her in her cabin. Once you find her, you have to interact with her to buy the Roar emote in Lost Ark in exchange for coins.

In order to talk to her, you have to press G on your keyboard. You need 3360 Gienah coins to buy the Roar emote. Once you have purchased it, go into the inventory and activate it before you use it.

This is how you can get Roar emote in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out other similar articles such as How to Craft Ether Essence in Lost Ark? and How to get Simple Oreha Fusion Material?


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