How To Get Shiny Palkia In Pokemon Shining Pearl (2022)

Palkia is a dual-type Water/Dragon Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon Shining Pearl, Palkia is said to live in a gap in the spatial dimension parallel to ours. It is a Legendary Pokemon that can be quite tricky to catch in the game.

However, where there is a will there is a way, and there is definitely a way to capture this Pokemon. Let us take a look at how players can get Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl.

How To Obtain Shiny Palkia In Pokemon Shining Pearl?


Palkia is a Legendary Pokemon that can only be found at the peak of Mount Coronet in Pokemon Shining Pearl. Players can try to capture the Shiny variant of Palkia during the storied event. However, the chances of capturing a Shiny version through this way are quite low. Players will have to save their game before and soft reset their game multiple times to get a Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl this way.

For this method, players will need to beat the 7th Gym Leader in the Team Galactic storyline and then battle Palkia. Now, players just need to keep soft resetting their game and battling Palkia till they get a Shiny version of the Pokemon.

The second method that players can try is to defeat the Elite 4 and Champion. When players defeat the Palkia instead of catching it in the main storyline, it will respawn in the same place after beating the Elite 4. Now, players can use the Shiny Charm and increase their chances of getting a Shiny Palkia. Now, players can visit the Spear Pillar and keep encountering Palkia till they get the Shiny version of this Pokemon.

These are the ways that players can try to capture a Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to capture Shiny variants of Pokemon. While you are here, also check out How To Get Shiny Dialga In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.


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