Sims Freeplay Quests In Order

Sims Freeplay is a casual life simulation game with millions of players. You can create a community and add sims, pets, and other creatures as you advance in the game. There is a Police Station, Movie Studio, Hospital, Nightclub, Shopping Mall, and many other amenities that unlock by advancing in the game. Keep completing quests and unlocking structures till you unlock everything. And if you are wondering what quests you will be facing. Then check out this list of quests in order for Sims Freeplay.

Sims Freeplay: Main Quests in Level Order

Main Quests In Level Order Sims Freeplay

There are many main quests, side quests, and event quests in the Sims Freeplay. But events and side quests are subject to change, so we will focus on all the main quests.

Level Main Quest Has Time Limit Offer
6 Bread Winner No
7 Money Grows on Trees No
7 Love is in the Air Yes
8 Two and a Half Sims Yes
9 Ocean View Estate Yes
10 Mysterious Island Yes
10 Nanny Knows Best Yes
10 Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Yes
11 Need For Steed Yes
12 Quest for Toddlers Yes
13 It’s All Going Swimmingly Yes
14 The Hidden Unicorn Yes
14 In Da Clubhouse Yes
15 Preparing for Preteens No
16 Sous Judgemental Yes
16 An Alien Concept: Weather Machines Yes
17 Multi Story Renovations Yes
18 Teenagers No
18 Higher Education No
19 The Pirate and His Goddess Yes
20 The Road to Fame Yes
21 Adulthood Yes
22 Ghost Hunters Yes
23 Seniors Yes
24 Bird Feeding Yes
25 In Stitches Yes
26 Life Dreams & Legacies Yes

The time limit offers usually last for 2 to 7 days for the main quest. It offers things like wedding outfit, baby decoration pack, and beach property. So make sure you have completed other time-bound quests before unlocking the next level with time-limit offers.

These were the level-wise quests in order for Sims Freeplay. If you found this guide knowledgeable. Then check out how to add real-world friends and how to check in at the Nightclub.


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