Solar Smash: How To Unlock All Secret Planets

Hovering aimlessly in space, discovering worlds beyond the horizon sounds fun. But what if you are told to destroy the other celestial worlds which are concealed in the fabric of space-time. In this article, you will learn how to unlock all the secret planets in Solar Smash.

What are the Secret Planets in Solar Smash?

In order to find the hidden planets, you have to create them from the planets in space. The Secret Planets in Solar Smash are as follow,

  • Block World
  • Cube Earth
  • Donut Earth
  • Flat Earth
  • Ghost World
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Snowman
  • Trick or Treat

How to Unlock the Secret Planets?

It is explained how to create the secret planets in Solar Smash.

Block World

In order to unlock the Block World, you will have to first unlock the Cube Earth. Select the Cube Earth from the Unknown System. Then you have to use Healing Nuke on the Cube. Fire it near the top of the Cube and hit reset planet. You will instantly see the Block World.

Cube Earth

cube earth solar smash

To make this planet, first set the x, y and z axes in the middle of the bar. Then decrease each component by the value of one in the grid. Now, destroy the part of the planet which is outside of the grid. Then, click on reset. The Next thing, you’ll see is a Cube Earth.

Donut Earth

donut earth solar smash

To create a Donut Earth, Aim at the top and bottom part of the planet and destroy it. Then while the middle part sustains, cut a hole in the middle of it and press reset. And you will unlocked the Donut Earth.

Flat Earth

flat earth solar smash

If its any consolation, you can say that flat earth exists, but only in this game. To unlock this planet, you have fire at the top and bottom parts of the planet, similar to Donut Earth. Then press reset and you will have unlocked the Flat Earth.

Ghost World

ghost world solar smash

Ghost World is nothing but an invisible planet wandering in the vacuum. It is probably the easiest secret planet in Solar Smash. Destroy the planet on your screen and you hit reset. That will unlock the Ghost World.

Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man solar smash

To create a ginger bread man, you will have to unlock Snowman first. Select the snowman from Unknown System category and place it on the screen. Then fire the planet killer and time it properly. Soon, the snowman will turn slightly brownish. Then you have to click on reset planet. You will have unlocked the Gingerbread Man planet in Solar Smash.


snowman solar smash

Snowman can be made using the Freeze Ray weapon. You have to freeze the planet earth and then hit reset. You’ll find a Snowman roaming in space. Snowman can be accessed in the Unknown System category.

Trick Or Treat

trick or treat solar smash

Using the UFO icon in the list of weapons on your screen, you have make Earth look like a pumpkin. When you click on the UFO icon, the planet killer weapon will be launched. And all you have to do is fire it and time it. The weapon will fire at the core of the Earth and the whole planet will turn into a giant orange object resembling a pumpkin.

This is how you unlock the secret planets in Solar Smash. Hopefully, this article was useful for you. While you’re here, check out other articles on our website and explore the other games.


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