Best Starters In Dislyte (2022)

Dislyte is an urban mythological RPG where players get to fight alongside heroes with godlike powers. If you are just dipping your feet in Dislyte, choosing the right Starters can be quite important. There are a number of five-star Espers in the game. However, not all of them are ideal for beginners.

In this article, we will discuss the best Espers for Starters that can pull players through the grind of the early game.

What Are The Best Starters In Dislyte?

These Espers are easy to control and can work well in both PvP and PvE. If players roll one of these Starters, they might want to equip their best Relics and Equipment on them. All of these Espers are good for early to mid-game. Many of these Espers are powerful enough to take players all the way.

Sally (Support)

This is a healer Esper with the ability to reduce enemy damage. Her Ode To Joy skill can give healing as well as dispel to allies before their turn. She is a great Esper for Point War, Apep, and Tower. This Esper is blessed by the goddess Sif.

Donar (Defender)

This DPS Esper can turn DEF to damage. His Thundercrack passive deal heavy damage to opponents. Meanwhile, Explosions in the Sky can grant DEF and Immunity while inflicting damage on opponents. Donar is excellent for Point War and Tower. He can also perform great in Kronos. This Esper channels the powers of Thor.

Clara (Support)

Clara is another healing Esper who can grant her entire team buffs, immunity, and shield. Her skill Queen’s Protection can heal and remove debuffs. In case there are no debuffs, the skill can grant immunity. Moreover, Queen’s Blessing will heal the ally with the lowest HP. Clara is a great Esper for Point War, Tower, and Apep. She is empowered by Hera, the queen of heaven.

Li Ling (Fighter)

Li Ling is a Fighter excelling in dealing True Damage. This Esper increases ally ATK by 30%. Altar can perform a strike against all enemies and the last hit will steal a little AP from each target. This Esper is great for XP Farming, Kronos, and Tower. He derives his powers from Nezha.

These are all the best starters in Dislyte. For more Dislyte content, check out Best Team Compositions In Dislyte.


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