State Of Survival: How To Change State?

State of Survival is a zombie apocalypse survival game where you must build a base for your survivors while progressing through the storyline. There are multiple States available in the game that you can join. You also have the option of changing your State in the game if you wish to do so. This guide will explain how you can change your State in State Of Survival.

How To Change State In State Of Survival?


There are requirements that you must fulfill before you can change your State in the game. First, you must upgrade your HQ to Level 2. This will give you the Rookie Relocator item as a reward. This item is essential to relocate your State. However, your HQ must be at Level 6 or less to join a different State. In addition, if you have played the game for more than 5 days in a particular state, you are no longer considered a Rookie and you will not be able to change your State in State Of Survival.

However, if you are still new to the game, you can follow the steps given below to change your State in State Of Survival.

  • First, start State of Survival on your device and go to the Wilderness. The Wilderness option is located in the bottom left corner of the game screen.
  • Once you are in the Wilderness, go to the State Map. The option for the State Map is located in the lower right corner of the Wilderness screen.
  • Click on the Map option and see the different States available for relocation. You can move across the map by sliding the screen.
  • Once you have chosen a State that you like click anywhere on it and you will see a magnifying glass pop up.
  • Click on it to enter the State at that point.
  • You can also tap the Globe to go to the World Map and choose a State. Moreover, you can also search for a particular State if you know its State number.
  • After entering a State, you can select any empty location to join.
  • You will now be a part of the new State.

This is how you can change your State in State of Survival. For more guides related to the game, check out State Of Survival Codes List.


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