How To Get Gold DNA Or Key Evolution? is a game where you have to survive a horde of dangerous zombies attacking your city. The game is a fun yet challenging take on survival genre games. However, there are some levels in the game that can be quite tough to beat. This is where provides you with cheat codes in the form of Gold DNA or Key Evolution.

Let us find out how to attain the Gold DNA Or Key Evolution in the game and its benefits.

How To Get Gold DNA Or Key Evolution In

You can get the Gold DNA or Key Evolution by participating in a game mode called Trials. This is the only way to obtain this resource in the game. However, you will not start getting Gold DNA or Key Evolution from the first trial itself. The reward for the first trial stage is 200 gems. Once you proceed to the 2nd stage, you will receive 1 Gold DNA. The final stage will give you both 200 Gems and A Key Evolution or Gold DNA.

You will not be able to access Trials right from the start in You will first need to clear Chapter 2 to unlock Trials. Once the Trials mode is unlocked, you can access it using the button next to the Battle option at the bottom of the screen.

You can use Gold DNA or Key Evolutions to unlock a large number of boosts that can help you progress through the game a lot faster. With the help of these Key Evolutions, you can get boosts like higher movement speed, more healing after eating meat, equipment drops from zombies, gaining 2s invincibility after taking lethal damage, and many other similar boosts. To use the Gold DNA or Key Evolutions, you can go to the Evolve menu located beside the Trials option at the bottom of the screen.

That is how you can get Gold DNA or Key Evolution in We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Get More Energy In


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