100+ Profitable Technology Micro Niche Ideas for blog and earn money

100+ Profitable Technology Micro Niche Ideas | Tech niche topics | Tech niche ideas | Tech Micro Niches | Tech Micro Niche Blog Ideas

These days blogging is one of the hottest career option and many of the engineers or net savvy people are creating blog and earning handsome income out of it. I’m also an engineer by education, and when I starter blogging; I started with a tech blog here. Later on, my interest shifted to online marketing, and that’s how TechSavvyGuide got the niche. This post will clear some of your most FAQ related to technology niche, and should you have a blog on tech or not.

Tech Micro Niche Blog Ideas

What are the best Tech Micro Niches to start a blog and earn money?

Engineers are supposed to be closely connected to Internet and most of engineers starts with a blog & most of them select niche as technology. Couple of days back, one of TechSavvyGuide readers asked me is Tech niche a good niche to start a blog or not? He was afraid that Technology blogs are overcrowding internet and he might not get success.

I believe this is the same question most of the beginners bloggers are facing. Here I’m sharing my view points which might help you to decide if getting into this overcrowded niche is a good idea or not.

What is a Micro Niche?

A micro niche blog covers a specific topic and targets a close group of people. It is completely different from normal blogs. These blogs are usually small, and have limited content.   You can easily rank a micro niche website on google and drive targeted traffic.

100+ Profitable Technology Niche Ideas for the Tech Savvy

Processor and RAM



Best Android Phones

Android Hacks




AI Writing and Copywriting


Google sheets

Cloud computing


Software development

Mobile apps development

Online Programing





Coding Languages

Virtual reality

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence


Augmented Reality

AR Products

Credit card processing


Tech gadgets



Smart homes

Business automation

Integrated marketing

Software integrations

WordPress Development

Ethernet cables

Google glass

Android apps

Alarm clocks

Best gaming laptops

CSS Tutorialse

Game console

Java Tutorials

Internet of Things (IOT)

iPhone Apps

Smart glasses

Smart TVs and Speakers


Powerpoint tutorials

Powerbanks reviews


Microsoft office tutorials

Wearable tech

Laser Printers

3D printers

C++ Tutorials

Coding made easy

Coding for women

Coding for kids

Tech industry news

Tech conferences




Recording video tutorials

Video recording tools

Livestreaming hacks

Livestreaming software

Advanced analytics

Google analytics training

Data science




Health tech

Software engineering


Manufacturing plans

Video games

Data intelligence

Amazon web services

Remote access

News tech

Tech reviews (laptop, software, phones)

Antivirus reviews blog




iPhone news



Air Purifiers

Home automation

Video editing hardware

Ethical hacking

How to Monetize a Tech Blog

Can you really make money from blogging?

If your blog gets over 10,000 monthly unique visitors, then yes – you can money with your blog and create a nice revenue stream with it.

Tech Bloggers can make good money with this Micro Niche in Technology.

Just as in life cycle, there are different blog’s life cycle. You can’t compare your new blog to others blog that has been around for years.

The truth is: it takes time to build an income from blogging.

No matter what you’ve read, blogging success doesn’t happen overnight — but it is possible.

It’s true that micro niche blogs don’t make a lot of money. But, it’s still an easy way to earn additional money every month.

A micro niche site can be easily monetized with multiple ways including affiliate marketing, selling your own products etc.

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Way to monetize a Tech Blog

A micro niche site can be easily monetized with multiple ways these are as follows:

Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Click Bank Products,)

Google Adsense

Selling your own products

Offer Coaching Service to Motivated Clients

Offer Coaching Service to Motivated Clients.

Become an In-Demand Freelance Blogger.

Create and Sell Online Courses.

Write and Make Money from Kindle Books.

Make Money From Private Label Rights.

Partner with Influencers in Product Creation/Launch

Offer a Paid Membership Plan

Make Money with Display Advertising (Banner Ads)

Generate Revenue with Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Sell Digital Products to Your Audience

Launch a Virtual Summit in Your Niche

Accept Donations on Your Blog

Start a Podcast

Source : Kinsta, Neilpatel, ShoutMeLoud


Technology blog is a hot niche and what you need to focus is on providing quality and add value. If you are publishing on a regular basis, you will soon get good traction on your blog. Don’t be scared of millions of others tech-blog out there, as there is no competition for quality.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me via comments. What do you feel about tech niche? Is it over-crowded or safe niche to blog?

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