Top War: How To Earn Legion Points?

Top War is a battle survival game where players can build bases to defend and create armies to take on opponents. The game requires a lot of strategy and planning when it comes to upgrading buildings and recruiting Heroes. All such tasks require resources that can be limited in the game. One way of acquiring resources in Top War is by exchanging Legion Points in the Legion Shop. In this guide, we will explain how you can earn Legion Points.

How To Get Legion Points In Top War?


Legion Points are quite useful as they can be exchanged for a wide variety of resources at the Legion Shop. To earn Legion Points in Top War, you can complete your 10 reward quests every day. Completing these quests will give you Legion Points as a reward. Reward Quests are basically Daily Missions that change every day and give rewards based on your progress. Moreover, completing Reward Quests also plays an important role in military rank promotion. Once you have been promoted, you can earn better rewards which will help you progress faster in the game.

We have also compiled a list of all the items that you can purchase in the Legion Store. Let us take a look at them below.

Resource Items

Name Quantity Amount Price
Oil 500 50 20
Food 500 50 20
Oil 50K 4 1500
Food 50K 4 1.50K

Other Items

Name Amount Price
3 50
3 50
1 200
1 200
2 140
Lv 2 CPNT 2 140
2 200
5 400
1 420
1 420
1 5.00K
2 200
2 500
1 200
Odinium 1 500

This is everything you need to know about Legion Points and how to get them in Top War. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Top War guides, check out How To Get Super Miner Skin In Top War?


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