Top War: How To Get Kuruzo?

Kuruzo is an SSR Hero in Top War. He was an excellent army officer who retired and became an instructor to train newbies. He is known as Sir Tinnitus among the newbies. An excellent instructor, this Hero is quite useful as he can increase the training speed of units. If you want to get Kuruzo in Top War, this guide will help you out.

How To Get Kuruzo In Top War?


Kuruzo offers you a lot of benefits in Top War. Once you recruit this Hero, you can speed up the training of a number of units every day for free. Moreover, after you have recruited Kuruzo, the training of the first batch of units finishes instantly every day. With his basic attribute every 100 CMD speeds up the training of 4 more units. With so many bonuses and benefits, it is understandable that you want to add this Hero to your recruitment list.

You can get Kuruzo in Top War through multiple methods. We have explained each of these methods below.

Game Packs

To get Kuruzo through the game packs, you will have to spend a fair bit of money. You will first have to unlock VIP Level 4 and then purchase the VIP Innovator Pack. Kuruzo will be a part of this pack alongside other rewards. It is quite an investment and one we would not recommend just to get Kuruzo in the game.


You can also collect the 10 Kuruzo Shards to unlock this Hero. These are available for 70 Titanium Coins per shard so you will still have to purchase some Titanium coins to get Kuruzo this way. However, it is much cheaper than unlocking VIP Level 4 and purchasing a game pack.

This is how you can get Kuruzo in Top War. For more Top War guides, check out How To Get 3 Hero March In Top War?


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