Trek To Yomi: How Many Chapters?

Trek to Yomi is a fun side-scrolling action game that is available to a ton of excited players. From PlayStation and Xbox to Windows PC, players are pitching to get the game. This is a black and white side-scrolling game that has come from Flying Wild Hog. If you are looking for the breakdown of how many chapters are in Trek To Yomi then this is the place to be! Here is a complete list of the chapters in your favourite game.

How Many Chapters in Trek To Yomi?

How Many Chapters Are in Trek To Yomi

There are 7 Chapters in Trek to Yomi. You need to complete all 7 to see one of the three endings in the game. The total gameplay is about 90 minutes to roughly 3 hours. Well, if you have played the game before and have chosen to ignore all of the narration at least. Otherwise, to complete the game, most players take about 4 to 6 hours.

Here is a complete list of chapters in Trek to Yomi.

  1. End of Kindergarten
  2. After the Storm
  3. Dust and Ashes
  4. Fleeting Destiny
  5. Afterlife Traveler
  6. Trek’s End?
  7. Samurai Dies Twice

The game gets difficult as you move forward. As you progress from one chapter to the next, you will see that the levels do get longer. Chapters 6 and 7 in Trek To Yomi are the longest of the game.

With Trek to Yomi being almost addictive in gameplay, it is hard to believe that the game has no additional content. At least for now. We hope that the devs do add something more to the game as we just can’t stop playing it.

This was our guide on the chapter count in Trek to Yomi. For those of you that enjoy Steam games, here is another article on how to redeem Steam keys.


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