How to Get Triki and Play Him in Dislyte

While there are many Espers in Dislyte, choosing the right one can be a task. There are four main roles in the game and building the right balance between them can be difficult if you don’t have the right members in your squad. While there are certain favourites, Controller Espers are crucial to winning the match. One of the best Controllers is Triki. And we mean the best of the best. His powers are only one of the reasons why so many take the trouble to get him. So go on and grab your chance to get Triki in Dislyte through this guide.

Best Way To Get Triki (Loki) in Dislyte

How to Get Triki and Play Him in Dislyte

There is only one way to get Triki in Dislyte. This is through the Gacha banner itself. We know it sucks. But what else can you do? He is a great character to play against most Espers. And so, we know that he definitely is worth it and you won’t regret having him. His rarity is Legendary but his speciality is DPS. And the element that he uses is Wind. Which, as we all know is the most powerful element of all.

Here are the character stats for Triki in Dislyte:

  • ATK Base: 874
  • HP Base: 16273
  • DEF Base: 911
  • SPD Base: 107

Here are the character skills for Triki in Dislyte:

  • Green flames
  • Gambit (Passive)
  • Revolver
  • Captain Ability

Outfit/Character Upgrade Recommendations for Triki

Once you have Triki, you should consider upgrading him and his style in Dislyte. These will help give him an advantage on the field. Here are a few outfit recommendations for Triki that not only make him look good but also more powerful. These are as follows:

  • Windwalkers x4 25% SPD
  • Apollo Bow x2 25% ACC
  • Windwalker 2 set x4 25% SPD
  • Master Grove x2: 25% HP

This was our guide on how to get Triki in Dislyte. Check out this guide if you want to learn how you too can create, join and manage clubs in Dislyte.


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