Undead World: Hero Survival Best Team

Undead World: Hero Survival is an idle survival adventure game. To succeed in this zombie RPG, players will have to gather resources and come up with efficient battle strategies. There are a number of heroes to choose from in the game. However, not all heroes work well together. The best team for Undead World: Hero Survival needs to have heroes that are strong on their own but also work well as a unit.

What Is The Best Team For Undead World: Hero Survival?

While the best team generally depends on the player’s style and the game mode, there are some teams that can do well in almost all situations. We have listed five such combinations below for players.

Team 1: Abigail, Jones, Astra, Lita, Murray


For this combination, players should keep Abigail, Jones, and Murray as their main damage dealers. While Abigail and Jones are pretty straightforward damage dealers, Murray is more about evasion. In addition to his massive damage output, his traps and mines are great for crowd control.

Meanwhile, Astra is a versatile support unit that can resurrect dead allies and give players an additional chance at victory. Moreover, this unit can also grant a 12% life steal while decreasing the attack strength of the enemy.

Lita is another support unit that can complement Astra. She provides increased damage output as well as an elevated crit rate for allies.  She can also block the defense of the opponents. Between Lita and Astra, players will have the defense covered. This is a well-balances team that can get the best results in Undead World: Hero Survival.

Team 2: Tanya, Gabrielle, Helen, Lita, Astra


The damage dealers for this team would be Tanya and Gabrielle. Tanya can deal a lot of AOE damage and is specially effective in PvP format. Meanwhile, Gabrielle can also dole out a lot of damage. In addition, he can also give protection buffs and HP shields to allies and himself.

Helen is an excellent unit that can be a great Support unit in her human form. She can provide healing to allies and be a useful part of the team. However, once she dies, she transform into a fearsome DPS unit that can deal massive amount of damage to the enemy. She takes lesser damage after becoming a zombie and can even life steal.

When used correctly, this team has the potential to be the best team in Undead World: Hero Survival.

Team 3: Rock, Nadeem, Astra, Jones, Abigail


Rock is an offensive unit who can perform well with Jones and Abigail on the damage front. She can deal heavy damage over time to opponents. In addition, she is also effective in dealing with multiple enemies as she gains bonus attack power and damage when dealing with more than 5 enemies.

Astra will be a great Support unit alongside Nadeem. Nadeem can grant buffs to allies while inflicting debuffs to enemies with his candies. He has a substantial SP boost so players can spam his powers frequently.

This is all about the best team in Undead World: Hero Survival. For a tier list of all the heroes in the game, check out the Undead World Hero Survival Tier List.


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