Pokemon Unite: Fair Play Points Guide

Pokemon Unite takes a lot of steps to ensure that a fair and healthy environment is maintained within the game. The Fair Play Points system is one such step that encourages players to indulge in good behavior with rewards for the same. Players will lose Fair Play points if they act unfairly when playing Pokemon Unite.

Let us take a closer look at the Fair Play Points system in Pokemon Go.

Fair Play Points In Pokemon Unite


Your Fair Play points can reflect the quality of your conduct within the game. This is why maintaining a high score is advisable. Players that cheat, harass, or sabotage games can lose Fair Play points quickly. Each player starts at 100 Fair Play points which is the maximum amount. Their score can now remain constant or depleted, depending on their behavior.

How To Earn Fair Play Points In Pokemon Unite?

Players can earn Fair Play points for completing matches without indulging in any malicious activity. The points rewarded for each match are as follows:

  • Standard battle CPU match: Gives 1 point
  • Standard battle random match: Gives 2 points
  • Ranked match: Gives 2 points

Players can earn up to 5 Fair Play points in a day.

How Do Players Lose Fair Play Points?

When players participate in activities that are considered unfair by Pokemon Unite, their points will start to decrease. There are a number of behaviors that can lead to the reduction of Fair Play points. These include:

  • Abandoning a matchmade team instead of surrendering: Costs 1 point
  • Idling in matches (short-term): Costs 2 points
  • Idling in matches (extended): Costs 5 points
  • Idling in matches (malicious): Costs 8 points

How To Check Fair Play Points?

It is quite easy to check Fair Play Points in Pokemon Unite. Players need to go to the main menu and select the Trainer profile. Here, they will see the Fair Play points option. They can select it to see how they are doing so far.

What Happens When The Fair Play Points Are Low?

Players can face several restrictions if their Fair Play points are below a certain amount. Let us take a look at the penalties players can face for low Fair Play points.

  • 90 Fair Play Points or lower: Players will not get Fair Play point rewards for completing matches.
  • 80 Fair Play Points or lower: Players will not be able to join ranked matches.
  • 60 Fair Play Points or lower: Players will not be able to join random matches and will only be able to play with friends or Trainers.

This is all about Fair Play points in Pokemon Unite. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out How To Surrender A Match In Pokemon Unite?


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