Pokemon Unite: Free Rotation Guide

Free Rotation is a great concept in Pokemon Unite where a number of Pokemon are provided free to play for a certain time. You will not have to purchase a license or pay a fee to play any of the Pokemon on the Free Rotation list for that time period. Usually, a Free Rotation has a duration of a week with four featured Pokemon. This is a great way to try out the Pokemon before deciding if you want to purchase it.

Let us find out more about Free Rotation below.

Free Rotation In Pokemon Unite

Free Rotation usually changes every week at Monday 12:00 AM UTC or Sunday 5:00 PM PST. Every Free Rotation Pokemon has a clock icon in the upper left corner of their license. This indicates that the Pokemon is currently in Free Rotation and you can use it for free until it is time for a new rotation cycle.

However, if you already have a Pokemon that is currently in Free Rotation, you will not see the clock icon. Since the purchased Pokemon are yours to keep, you do not have to be bothered by the time limit of the rotation for them. That being said, you will not be able to favorite a Pokemon while it is in Free Rotation. It is only possible for you to favorite Pokemon that have already been purchased by you.

Currently, the Free Rotation cycle began on December 5 and will conclude on December 12, 2022. The Pokemon in this cycle include Blissey, Delphox, Greninja, and Scizor. These Pokemon will switch out for new ones soon.

Once the Free Rotation period is over, you can decide if you want to earn the Unite License for any of the Pokemon in the list to get them permanently. Otherwise, you can just try out the new Pokemon in the refreshed Rotation list.

That is all about Free Rotation in Pokemon Unite. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out How To Recover HP In Pokemon Unite?


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