Pokemon Unite: How To Recover HP

Pokemon can get injured and lose HP during battles. It is important for you to know how to recover HP in Pokemon Unite. There are many ways for Pokemon to recover HP during a battle and we are here to share all the tips and tricks to quickly gain back HP in the game. Let us take a look at these strategies below.

How To Recover HP In Pokemon Unite?


There are multiple ways to recover HP in Pokemon Unite. We have listed them all below and you can pick and choose the ones most convenient for you.

Go Back To Base


You will recover full HP by returning to your starting base during a battle. The base has a barrier that holds out all enemies so you can recover without being attacked. This is the best option if your HP is critically low during battle.

Sitrus Berries


These berries are miraculous for your HP recovery. Moreover, they spawn frequently behind goals so you can get them easily and often. They can restore up to 1500 HP for a player which is quite substantial.

Team Goal Zone & Scoring


You can use the Goal Zones to heal 200 to 600 HP points. Every score at an enemy goal heals HP for your pokemon. In addition, it also provides you with a shield that can give you some much-needed time in battle.

Pokemon Moves


There are certain Pokemon that can provide healing for themselves or their allies with one of their moves. The HP recovery is small but it can give you enough boost to get to better options.

Healing Potion


You can also use healing potions to gain back some HP in Pokemon Unite. This item is useful when the Pokemon’s HP is critically low.

Held Items


Some Held Items can also help HP recovery in Pokemon Unite. These items include Shell Bell, Focus Band, and Leftovers.

These are all ways to recover HP in Pokemon Unite. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out the Complete List Of Achievements In Pokemon Unite.


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