Pokemon Unite: What To Spend Aeos Coins On

Aeos Coins are one of the currencies available in Pokemon Unite. You can get these coins by participating in battles, completing missions, or leveling up. There are up to 2100 coins up for grabs each week. However, since Aeos Coins are still a limited resource in Pokemon Unite, you might want to prioritize what you spend then on.

What To Spend Aeos Coins On In Pokemon Unite?


The first thing you should spend Aeos Coins on in the game is buying all the Held Items as per your play style. While players will not require all Held Items, they give a lot of versatility to your gameplay. Also, once you have purchased Held Items, it is best to upgrade the ones that you use most frequently. This will strengthen the effects of the Held Item and provide you with an advantage.

Once you have stocked up on all the necessary Held Items, the next place to spend Aeos Coins in Pokemon Unite is unlocking the best Pokemon. You might have to save up some Aeos Coins before you can afford one that you really want. This is why it’s good to have a plan beforehand about which Pokemon you want to acquire. You can try out different Pokemon in the Practice Area to determine which ones suit your gameplay best. You can unlock new Pokemon by purchasing Pokemon Licenses in the Unite Battle Committee (UBC) shop. You can unlock a number of Pokemon this way.

These are some of the best uses for Aeos Coins in the game. These coins can run out pretty quickly so you must be strategic about spending them. Use Coins to buy and upgrade items that suit your play style and would aid you in progressing through the game. For more Pokemon Unite guides, check out Trainer Level: How To Raise Fast Pokemon Unite?


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