How To Unlock The Hippo Cart Mount In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can adventure and explore the world. While there are a number of mounts that can help players get around the game, they are not free. Players would need to grind on trials and quests before they get a mount in the game. The same is the case with the Hippo Cart Mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

Players that want to unlock this gigantic mount can follow our guide to do so.

How To Get The Hippo Cart Mount In Final Fantasy XIV?


As we mentioned earlier, players need to complete a certain set of quests to obtain the Hippo Cart in Final Fantasy XIV. There is a certain order to these quests. Players will first have to complete the quests chains for Steppe Child and What’s in a Parent. P

layers can speak to Ogul at X:25.6, Y36.1 to start the Steppe Child quests. For the What’s in a Parent quest chain, players can speak to Yezahn at X:29.2, and Y:15.3. Finally, players will need to interact with Kancana at X:25.3 and Y:31.2 when they are ready to start the Hippos Born to Run quest.

Completing these quest chains will unlock the Arkasodara Tribal quests. Players will need to build up their reputation by completing these tasks each day. The reputation rank with the Arkasodara needs to be at Sworn before players can buy the Hippo Cart in Final Fantasy XIV. It can be purchased for 18 Arkasodara Pana.

Players can complete a total of 3 quests per day. This means that players are in for a grind if they want to get the Hippo Cart quickly. After players have met all the requirements to purchase the Hippo Cart, they can purchase it from the vendor.

This is how players can get the Hippo Cart Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. For more FFXIV content, check out Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Where To Find Aether Compass?


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