How To Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile

If you have already started playing the game, and wondering about how you can unlock all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, we have all the answers for you. The Mobile version of Apex Legends is a bit different than the PC/Console variant.

As we all know, unlocking the Legends in Apex Legends PC/Console for new players was a big challenge. That’s because only the veterans have access to earn thousands of Tokens from which they are able to unlock all the Legends easily. Not anymore, the developers have made it easy to unlock Legends for Mobile players. Here’s how you can do it.

How Can I Unlock the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile?

how to unlock all legends apex mobile

Mobile players don’t have to worry about earning the Tokens in order to unlock all the Legends. They just have to keep leveling up their accounts, or they can also purchase the Legends from the in-game store with the help of Syndicate Gold. Although the developers haven’t launched all the Legends yet, Horizon and Valkyrie are missing from the roster for now.

Here’s a list of all Legends and their unlock levels in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Bloodhound: You can Unlock it in the Beginning
  • Bangalore: You can Unlock it at Level 2
  • Lifeline: You can Unlock it at Level 3
  • Pathfinder: You can Unlock it at Level 4
  • Gibraltar: You can Unlock it at Level 5
  • Wraith: You can Unlock it at Level 14
  • Octane: You can purchase it for 700 Syndicate Gold
  • Mirage: You can purchase it for 700 Syndicate Gold
  • Caustic: It can be Unlocked via the Battle Pass at Level 25 as a Free Reward

Syndicate Gold is an in-game currency which you can purchase with your real money. The availability of Octane and Mirage in the store is not yet disclosed, but not for long. Just be tuned for further updates, and if you want to know more about the Apex Legends Mobile and how to Self-Revive, we’ve got you covered.


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