How To Unlock Pablo In Evil Dead: The Game

Fans of Sam Raimi’s horror cult classic Evil Dead Series have gotten a treat with the release of Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game. Players can even bring their friends along for the ride as the game also supports multiplayer. The game allows players to step into the shoes of the iconic characters from the movies. However, the catch is that players will have to unlock characters like Pablo from the TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead. Let us explain how players can do so in the game.

How To Get Pablo In Evil Dead: The Game?


Players will first need to start with the single-player mode if they want a fuller cast of characters for the game. There are certain missions that unlock certain characters in the game. Players just need to complete the mission for Pablo to unlock the character in Evil Dead: The Game. Missions can be accessed through the Mission option located in the main menu.

Currently, the game only has 5 missions. Each mission is tied to a specific character. To unlock Pablo, players will need to complete the ‘It’s not gonna let us go!’ mission. This will unlock the character in the game. However, players might experience some difficulties completing this mission. There are a large number of deadites facing the player and a severe lack of checkpoints in the mission.

Pablo is a support class character. Let us take a look at all the abilities Pablo can offer in the game.

Pablo Abilities

  • Gift From El Brujo Especial: This is Pablo’s active skill.
  • Infernal Camouflage: Players are able to use the Demon Vision undetected.
  • Legacy of El Brujo: This ability provides players with an additional amulet at the starting of the match.
  • Shamanic Protection: The Shield Bar will recover over time.

This is how players can unlock Pablo in the campy horror Evil Dead: The Game. For more horror game content, check out Resident Evil 8 – All Safe Codes & Door Lock Codes.


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